SINCE 2013

Mason & his first remote working opportunity

Mason, Angkor Wat & the birth of a remote working passion, 2013

invertedM was born in 2013 in a coffee shop in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

On a trip through Southeast Asia with close friends, Mason got an email asking for some minor adjustments to an associate’s website. Sitting in a tiny little non-profit coffee shop he was able to bang out the edits with an hour or two of the request. The small fee he collected for the work was enough to travel for 2-3 days in Cambodia, and from there a passion & an idea were born.

Since then, while working his “day job” producing large events, Mason has continued to travel around the world all the while working & assisting clients back in the States.

As he looks to make invertedM his full-time occupation, he & his wife Amanda are planning to embark permanently on a lifelong trip in the Summer of 2022 while continuing to help clients & spread the gospel of remote working.