Questions about remote working? I will help you solve them.

No fee. No strings.

For 5 years I have been working remotely, from home & from around the world, as a producer of large events.

In March of this year, my professional world was turned upside down by the arrival of COVID-19. In the span of about 4 hours, while hiking the Pacific coast in Big Sur, California with my wife, my entire Spring, 2020 event calendar was canceled.

In my now plentiful free time, I want to help solve the problems I have been identifying & solving for the last 5 years.

Are you struggling with the new world of remote working from home?

Send me your questions. If I can’t answer them quickly & concisely with an email or text exchange we can jump on a Google Hangout & I will work with you to find a solution to your problem. At no cost to you. Period.

Why would I want to work for free?

As I have thought about what it is I can offer in this new environment, I have struggled to identify which of the problems I have solved for myself or for our clients might be most common for those just starting out with remote working. To address that, and to begin to better identify which “products” I want to create or offer, I have decided to try and be asked and to answer as many questions from as many folks as I can manage.

So while my time is limited, so is my reach at this time & I am not at all concerned with being overrun with questions from the 3 people that have ever visited this website. (Hey Wife & hey Mom!)

Questions about remote working? I will help you solve them.

No fee. No strings.



  • I have files spread across multiple devices that are rarely accessible when I need them.
  • I step away from my computer but suddenly want to simply share a file from my phone without getting back in front of my computer.
  • I am collaborating on a file with others and we are constantly mixing up which version of the file is most current.
  • I need to be able to share the most current version of a file but don’t want the person I am sharing with to be able to change it.


  • I have multiple website accounts that are shared across members of my team & we need to keep track of logins & passwords.
  • I have sensitive information stored in various websites & want to make sure that my passwords are secure but that I can access them as needed.
  • I know that I am not supposed to use the same password multiple times, but I don’t know how I can otherwise remember so many different user names & passwords.
  • I have highly sensitive documents or information that I want to make sure are stored in a secure format but are accessible anywhere.
  • I just want to be more secure with my personal information & digital identity.


  • Now that we are no longer working from a single office, it is hard for me to keep with where my employees or coworkers are on certain projects or tasks.
  • I am constantly losing files in the depths of my email inbox.
  • I am get files from one project mixed up with those of another project.
  • It is hard for me to manage input from multiple team members via email, text message or even conference calls.
  • I need to be able to keep an eye on projects that I am not working on but don’t want to be copied on email after email.


  • I am a small company & can’t spend $1000s on my website, but I don’t want to miss out on the advantages that a well done & well managed website can offer my business.
  • I want to reach as many people as possible but don’t have the time to manage accounts across my website blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & the infinite other places I might find my customers.
  • I don’t know if my business would benefit from a mobile app or what it would even cost if it would.
  • I have a website but it doesn’t come up in any of the Google searches I do for my brand locally.
  • I need my website to showcase my products as well as be a digital storefront for those who want to buy my products.

Questions about remote working? I will help you solve them.

No fee. No strings.